Offering the golden trio of insurance services; cost-effective and highly dedicated, with unparalleled variety, I feel incredibly passionate about helping my clients navigate the world of finances, capitalizing on their financial freedom, and supporting their ever-expanding needs.

About Me

I can say that I am proud to be an entrepreneur, and to have broken the language barrier by certifying myself in the English language. I currently have over 5,000 clients offering life, health and annuity insurance. I am licensed in over 20 states and continue to expand. My offices are located in the cities of Concord, Charlotte NC and Columbia SC.

I have currently been able to offer permanent employment to 2 people with w2, but I have an extensive team of co-workers.

I am also proud to be able to raise my children as a single mother, with a son who recently graduated from the Army. A doctor daughter. My 15-year-old daughter is an artist in high school and my son Fernando, who is 15 years old and a victim of a terminal illness, thanks to my work I have been able to give him medical care and quality of life.

Denice Blanco

Why should you choose me as your agent?

La chica de Los Seguros LLC
OUR agents have a passion for putting your family first. It’s not just a name, it’s our entire identity. Helping families is our #1 priority.

We help you with all the processing of your health insurance ALL YEAR ROUND. We take care of sending all your documents, finding you the best doctors and specialists. Adding dental and Vision.

You can quote yourself by giving click to open enrollment or scan Qr code in Obamacare section, or call us for personalized attention

HealthSherpa is the fastest and easiest way to enroll in ACA/Marketplace health insurance.

Click on the link or scan Qr code to shop and compare plans, grab a FREE quote.

My Services

Life Insurance

Fixed Index Annuities

Funeral Assistance

Mortgage protection

Infinity Banking

Our Clients

La Chica De Los Seguros LLC is an Insurance Marketing Organization-this means that we don’t sell our own insurance, we partner with top Insurance carriers, so you are truly able to get the product that best fits your situation. Whether it is IUL insurance, mortgage life insurance, or IMO insurance, our experts will find the perfect match for your needs.

Today you start living  with Assure for life

A funeral assistance membership that crosses borders

join my team

Life insurance Agent

No experience required

Free training provided

Daily pay

Residual income

Incentive trips

Cash bonus

Exclusive leads Health insurance benefits

As an Independent Insurance Broker, make your own schedule and choose the hours you want to work (Part time or Full time). You will be contracted with up to twenty of the largest insurance carriers in the country to help meet all of the needs of your clients. We focus primarily on simplified issue products which allows for an instant underwriting decision but have plenty of fully underwritten options, as we shop the marketplace side by side with each of our clients. We do not cold call, harass friends and family, or stalk social media connections. We work with exclusive warm lead campaigns to put our brokers in front of clients that are looking for assistance with a life insurance product..


To obtain Funeral Insurance, Mortgage Protection, Term Life Insurance with living benefits.

Step 1

Contact us to schedule an appointment by ZOOM or in person without obligation with a specialized consultant.

Step 2

Receive free advice on which plans best suit your needs and family budget. Talk with me, I can help

Step 3

Enjoy the benefits of having funeral insurance, mortgage protection, and life insurance.

Denice Blanco

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Life Insurance

Infinity Banking

Mortgage Protection


Funeral Assistance